Saturday, 17 June 2017

Reading Marathon #1 - 17th June


I felt so blessed after managing to take this picture!!! ;o;
That's I Let You Go by the way, amazing stuff!
Mum commented that the book cover has a butterfly like
this one too!!
So, the first reading marathon of the summer took place today, though I took a head start yesterday evening and finished this evening so that I could go to town after with mum and not think about all the books I'm not reading! So that was 6PM to 6PM exactly. :) If you missed the earlier post where I talked about it, basically the idea is to give yourself 24 hours, some of which at least within the day (that was 17th of June for this one), and just read as much as you can!

How did it go, then? Well, today the weather was absolutely gorgeous so I spent the whole morning and afternoon reading outside - first moving as the sun did and then trying to stay in the shade as it got too hot to be in the sun!

I started with I Let You Go (my hardback copy is in Finnish, mind you), which I got signed by the author when she was in Helsinki on Thursday! It was absolutely amazing and I'll be gushing much more about that when I review the book, which will happen... soon, I hope. I actually have three books read but not reviewed at the moment, which is an incredibly strange feeling. It's like I'm actually doing something, wow.

Anyway, I started that, got to the big plot twist! and then went to sleep. I don't know how I even managed to sleep after that. Then I continued - outside, how wonderful it really was - in the morning, and after finishing that, I started The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, the first Flavia de Luce book. I managed to read 90 pages of that before my 24 hours were up. Altogether, that was 503 pages! It's quite a decent amount, I think. Obviously it feels pretty great to have finished a whole book within the marathon, and I Let You Go didn't really feel like an easy book because of all the emotions running high in it. It was incredibly good, though!

I'll try and link the reviews for these two books here when I get around to writing them! I totally hopefully will! Edit: I Let You Go is up!

I hope summer's great for you too! Hope you're doing amazing things that make you happy, whatever that might be!

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  1. Kirjoittelen lukumaratonin koostetta ja käyn vielä osallistujablogeja läpi. Hieno tulos sinulla :). Odotan tuota MacIntoshin kirjaa kirjastosta - jono on pitkä, sen verran se on saanut huomiota. Hienoa, että sait signeerauksen omaan kappaleeseesi!